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Art Work by Nancy Still
oil & ink

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New Work

Girl With a Pearl Earring • 24x18
(after Johannes Vermeer)

Opulent Orchids • 4x5

The Irresistable Iris • 5x4

The Pleasure of a Peony • 4x5

Sending U Sunshine • 5x4

Indian Mountain, CO • 5x4

Bird of Paradise • 4x5

The Goldfinch • 4x3
(after Carel Fabritius)

St. Peter's Church,
Harpers Ferry
• 5x4
Painted Pens of Houdini for Pen Maker

Flamingos • 4x5

Great Kiskadee • 3x3

Bluebird Family • 4x3

Pansies on Spoon

Lady's Slipper on Spoon

Rooster on Spoon

Peonies on Spoon Pin

Curly Tops • 3x4

Pelican Roost • 5x4

All in a Day's Work • 4x3

Gallery Cat • 4x6

Iris on Music Sheet • 5x4-1/2

Peony on Music Sheet • 5x4-1/2

Lady's Slipper on Music Sheet • 5x4-1/2

Welli • 3x4

Banty Rooster • 4x3

Hummingbird • 2x2

Ewe & Me • 3x5

Pink Roses • 4x3

Pink Floral • 4x3

Catchin' Some Rays • 4x3

Pink Peonies • 4x5

Flowers in 22K Gold Pendant

Oyster Can • 2x3

Lilac-Breasted Roller • 4x4

Time for a New Hut • 3x5

Sheep • 5x5

Hen Pecked • 5x7

Seashells • 2x4

Two Goats • 4x4
Still Life

Spring Flower Bouquet • 24x18
(painted in memory of my grandmother;
donated to her church in Kansas)

Cherry Pie • 8x10

Poppy Pods • 9x6
w/c on natural vellum

Iris on Music Sheet • 10x8

Canned Goods in Cellar • 11x14

Green Pot & Peaches • 12x16

Antique Cans & Cherries • 8x10

Green Jar with Apples • 10x12

Red Grapes • 10x12

Music Cabinet Door • 24x16

Bar Sign • 10x8 (that was fun!)

Past Prime • 10x12

Sunrise Crabbing • 6x8

The Logan (Ocean City, NJ) • 6x8

Snowy Morn • 6x8

Paiute Golf Course, Las Vegas • 8x10

Bailey Island, Maine • 24x36
Plein Air

Days Gone By • 8x6

Morning Mist • 6x8

Blue Bug • 8x10

Golden Fields • 6x12

Kingfisher • 10x8

Lucky • 10x8

Giraffes at the River • 5x9

Contemplating Dinner • 8x10

Hitchin' a Ride • 9x12

Zebras • 7x10
Finalist, Artist Magazine 28th Annual
Art Competition 2011

Red-billed Hornbill • 9x6

A Good Ride • 8x6

In Step • 6x8

In the Spotlight • 12x16

Walnut Ink Drawings


Old Master Reproductions

Breakfast in Bed • 21x27
(after Mary Cassatt)

The Goldfinch • 10x8
(after Carel Fabritius)

Bindo Altoviti • 8x8
(after Raphael)

American Beauty • 14x11
(after Harrison Fisher)

Young Girl Reading a Letter • 12x9
(after Jean Raoux)

Old Man • 7x5
walnut ink on paper

Preparing for the Matinee • 5x4
(after E. C. Tarbell)

The Meeting • 48x36
(after Jean-Honore Fragonard)

A Bit of Roman Aqueduct • 30x40
(after George Inness)
Images of China

China Doll • 10x8

Suzhou, China • 12x16

The Weight of Oranges • 10x8
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reproduced by any means without the express written permission of the artist.

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