MiniArt Supply

For a little inspiration, these are a few projects
by our talented customers.
(using some of our products of course!)

by J.Schrader on ivorine sample (~1x1")
"Saucy Succulents" by P.Palco
on new adhesive-backed ivorine

"The Patriot" by C. Martinetto
on ivorine & round Pr300 frame

Spotted Great Dane on ivorine
by B. de Loiselle

Parson Russell Terrier
by B. de Loiselle

Art on bone box
"Tulips at Giverny" by M.D.Conner

Jefferson on fired porcelain
by J.Riley

Watercolor on vellum
Portrait of his mother by L.Mercier

Watercolor & Gem Stone Pigments
on vellum by D.Gillespie

Stitchery by C.Globensky

Roses on ivorine by J.Godber

Eye Portraits by R.Williams
in round wood frames (Pr300)

Painted portrait framed
for O.Linder

Stitcheries by Ms. McAllister,
frames acquired by her son

Photo on Porcelain,
frame for M.Birk

Art by C.Carney

Room signs in
New York City hotel

Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly
by C.Smith
using a ready-made mat

Minis from India
Customer completed her collection
with FMF-2 frames

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